Rav4 Steering Wheel

Make the Ultimate Power Move

Say hello to the RAV4 Prime. It's our most powerful RAV4 ever, offering an estimated 302 combined net horsepower, cutting-edge tech and a whole lot more. This sporty SUV was built for wide-open stretches of highway, conquering your favorite mountain road and everything in between. Its Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive offers the stability you want to help you power through slippery surfaces. And with its advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain and EV-only capability, 54 RAV4 Prime is as intelligent as it is stunning. The next level of driving is here. So, strap in, press the start button and get ready for the drive of your life.

How Toyota Hybrids Work

Hybrid vehicles run in gas-mode, electric mode, or a combination of both modes, which change automatically so the driver does not need to do or monitor anything.

In most cases, when starting up, decelerating and braking, the electric motor is engaged. When accelerating and in cruise control mode, the gas and electric modes work together.

If the vehicle is stopped the gas engine will shut off, unless the battery is running low. When reversing slowly it will only require the electric mode.

Which Hybrid is Right For You

Toyota has a wider variety to choose from.

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